World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros. 2J)

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World 1-1
Powerups Mushroom.png Fire Flower.png Fire Flower.png Star.png 1-Up Mushroom.png
Goal Times
Mario Luigi
Any% (FDS) 100 100
Any% D-4 (SNES) 350 102
Warpless (FDS) 100 100
Warpless D-4 (SNES) 350 100





The SNES version of Lost Levels (along with the SNES version of SMB1) functions differently from press start to 1-1. While the NES/FDS's transition from selecting "Mario Game" or "Luigi Game" works on framerules, the SNES version offers a constant transition before a framerule check at the end of 1-1. This means that making the framerule given an optimal 1-1 is harder/easier depending on the time of the player's start from the game's beginning menu. While there are a variety of strategies one can do in 1-1, it is more important to pick a strategy that you can do consistently and start the game at an optimal time consistently to maximize time-save in 1-1.

The actual level 1-1 doesn't differ much from Any% to Warpless, only from Mario to Luigi.


The easiest strategy to learn consistently is to forgo an in-game second and aim for a 349 by not doing the pipe jump towards the checkpoint in the middle of the level. The middle pipe jump we are not doing is significantly harder than the initial pipe jump due to it requiring a very specific forward momentum and angle as to not brush up against the brick block after the piranha plant. This strategy below offers us one coin (towards the end of the level).

Video: Source: Picante

Alternatively, we can also go for the middle route in the brick block section towards the beginning. This offers less precise jumps in a row, but at the trade-off of having to do a one-frame jump under the Koopa. Since this level is literally the first in the run, going for this jump is not very risky in the grand scheme of things. This way also offers us a way to get 1 to 2 extra coins in 1-1, which can help (or hinder us) down the road.

Video: Source: Picante

It is important to note that for either of these strategies, while you may feel the want/need to readjust by tapping left, doing so will most likely result in a 348 instead of a 349. The timing for the optimal flagpole is incredibly tight.

Advanced Strategies

Going for the 350 is also a very tight window, but it can be done by building off of the previous strategies above and going for the aforementioned pipe jump. Here is it in action:

Video: Source: Picante

The most advanced would probably be to go for a power up in 1-1, specifically the mushroom towards the end of the level. It is possible to get a 348 using this method, however it isn't recommended going for said power-up, as it makes 1-2 significantly harder to save time in. The idea is to go for the strategies in the 350 video above until the mushroom grab.

Video: Source: Picante

The strategy above may be more fruitful in Warpless D-4 rather than Any%, just due to the necessity of clearing the piranha plants in the second room of 1-2. While it isn't impossible to do, it's already making a reckless strategy even more difficult without a significant time save.

Only one power-up (the one grabbed in the video above) is worth it to grab for any level.


Level Maps[edit]


1-1 Map SMB2J FDS.png


1-1 Map SMB2J SNES.png